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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sewage and Water Lines

Not Every Plumbing Company is Setup for In Depth Problems

No matter what a homeowner does or doesn't do, many will be exposed to the horrible event of a raw sewage back up. A raw sewage back up is what happens when the waste water that is supposed to go into the pipes to be processed by the treatment plant, back flows into the bathroom and living quarters. The cause of these sewage backups may not always be readily apparent.

Sometimes the cause may be when tree roots grow into the pipeline and cause breaks. Other times it may be due to a construction mishap or a problem with the structure of the piping itself. For those families with children, it could even be the side effect of a foreign body being flushed down, such as a toy that was too big, causing a blockage to the line.

Problems of sewage back up can be worse than a homeowner might be aware. Not only can the fumes and odor smell bad, waste water can cause lung and air passage irritation. More serious health risks are being exposed to E. coli, gastro-intestinal upset, and even liver problems. Health Issues of these types can create lasting problems for all members of the family. For this reason alone proper clean up and repair after a sewage leak or backflow is essential.

A professional should be hired to handle the repair and can even make suggestions on ways to prevent future risk of sewage back up. The right repair professionals can even repair the problem with minimal damage to existing plants or landscaping.

Some basic pointers to keep in mind in order to help prevent damage to sewer lines or sewage back up and leaks are to always be sure that shrubs and trees are planted a safe minimum distance away from piping and other underground utilities. This will help reduce the risk of roots growing into the area and compromising the underground utilities.

A plugged up drain line may be prevented by reducing and eliminating the amount of extra debris being placed within the sinks, showers, and toilets. Never flush large items such as diapers or wipes, even though many manufacturers claim their products are "flush-able", and deter children by installing a toilet lid safety latch. One should also never flush or dump grease into a drain line, as it will harden as it cools and may cause a clog in the line.

Many chemicals are advertised as clog removers or safe for septic systems, but a large percentage of these chemicals actually cause physical damage to the piping. Harsh chemical cleaners are very caustic and should not be used by an untrained professional due to the fact that these chemicals can erode and weaken the pipe walls of sewer lines. When this happens, the walls can become so weak that they rupture or crack.

The main point to remember is that when a problem does manifest and the problem can't be resolved with a plunger, call a repair team that specializes in sewer and water lines, not just basic plumbing repair. Many plumbers will only perform basic repairs, not actually perform sewage clean up. If the problem is more serious than just a basic shallow blockage, always retain the services of a professional in order to minimize serious damage from the inexperienced.

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