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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why Your Sewer Might Become Clogged

Bad news: your sewer line is clogged. Now, when you flush, nothing moves. Not a good situation to be in, right?

Narrowing down the cause of your clogged sewer line is a job for Gene's Water and Sewer. After taking a look at your sewer system, Gene's might find that roots have broken into your septic line, attracted by the water vapor leaving the pipe. Another cause could be foreign objects that have become wedged inside your pipe, allowing nothing else to pass through. Lastly, there are instances when your sewer line will simply collapse, leaving your waste with nowhere to go.

Gene's Water and Sewer can take care of any clogged sewer problems you're facing. Call 612-781-3737 or request a free sewer repair estimate.

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