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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Horrors of Broken Sewer Pipes & Water Lines

You notice it first when water or sludge ponds begin to form. Maybe you become aware of it in your home when water pressure is at a premium. You begin to shudder, wondering from where this nightmare could be emanating. Your mind wanders, and you think to yourself, “What could be causing this?” Then you realize it’s the result of a broken sewer pipe or water line.

However, the nightmare can end for you. All it takes a phone call to Gene’s Water & Sewer.

Our Minneapolis-based company specializes in repairing and installing new water lines and sewer pipes. Have fears your front lawn will be torn up in order to make the necessary repairs or installations? Fear not, for many jobs don’t require trenching to be done.

Trenchless Sewer & Water Line Repairs
The word “trenchless” means exactly what it sounds like. We won’t have to dig a trench in your yard in order to fix the problems plaguing your water and sewer systems. Instead, for sewer pipes, we’ll dig one to two small holes, and place a new pipe where the old one was. The pipe will be one piece, meaning no joints and no infiltration or exfiltration of your new pipe.

For water lines, we’ll use a pneumatic tool to pull into place the pipe. This will minimize the amount of digging we need to do, and saving you from spending more on labor and restoration costs. Also, you won’t experience as much disruption with your service as you would with a traditional trench job.

Most of these jobs can be done in a day’s time. We also provide repair and traditional trench services for projects that can’t be solved by trenchless work.

End the nightmare now. Call us at 612-781-3737 or Request a Free Estimate.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Make Sure Your Sewer Pipes are Ready for Winter with These Tips from Gene’s Water & Sewer

Old Man Winter is rearing his chilly head, so you want to be sure that your sewer pipes are ready for the deep freeze that’s about to hit us here in the Twin Cities area. Here are a few winter tips for your sewer pipes, but if you have any other questions or concerns, you can always contact Gene’s Water & Sewer. Our experts are here to help!

First off, and this might sound counterintuitive to you, but snow can actually be a good thing to help keep your sewer pipes in working order during the winter months. Uncompacted snow can serve as an insulating blanket over the pipes and can help keep the heat created by the sewage and the treatment of the sewage in the soil. If there isn’t any snow, the frost can go deeper into the soil, which could potentially create some problems. This issue can be solved with the help of vegetative cover, so be sure to have some plants or grass planted on top of your sewage pipes. This is a natural and ecologically friendly way to keep your pipes from freezing.

Another winter tip for your sewer pipes is to use them regularly! This works out just fine if you live in your Twin Cities home year-round, but it could present a problem if the house is a vacation home and used sporadically. So be extra careful if you’re at your vacation home and haven’t regularly used the sewer lines.

Finally, be sure your sewer pipes are draining properly. Be sure the lines don’t dip next to or above the septic tank, and make sure all sewage drains out of the pipe from a pump line. Also, make sure there is no cold air entering the sewer pipes. Make sure all risers, inspection pipes and manhole covers are capped and closed.

Of course, you still might be a bit confused, even after reading all of these tips. Never fear! Gene’s Water & Sewer can help. Contact us today at (612) 781-3737 or get a free estimate online if you’re having problems that you’re not sure how to fix. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and let the Twin Cities experts do the work.