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Monday, December 8, 2014

What Causes Sewers to Freeze?

Because it’s the winter time, sewers and septic systems are at a high risk of freezing. We install sewer lining in Plymouth, and we are often asked what homeowners can do to prevent a frozen sewer. Here are a few common reasons that a sewer system might freeze and what you can do to prevent this problem.

  • Can you believe that a lack of snow cover can cause a sewer and septic system to freeze? Snow is an excellent insulator if it is not compacted. A lack of snow lets frost go deeper into the ground, and this could cause your system to freeze.
  • Compacted soil is also another culprit. Areas like driveways, livestock enclosures and paths tend to freeze deeper than other areas. This could also affect your sewer and septic system.
  • If you just had a new sewer or septic system installed, a lack of plant cover could also cause it to freeze. Plants are also great insulators, so if vegetation did not have a chance to grow over your new system, this could be another reason the system freezes.
  • If the sewer or septic system freezes at your vacation home or hunting lodge, this could be because the system is not being used on a regular basis. There is an insufficient amount of sewage in the pipes, and this means the proper temperatures are not being achieved.
  • Homes that only have one or two occupants also are at a greater risk of having a frozen sewer or septic system. This is because there is only a small volume of the designed flow of the system that is being used and it might not be enough to keep the system from freezing.
  • Check your home’s pipes. If there are any that are leaking, or if your furnace is dripping, this could also lead to a frozen sewer. This is because the leak can cause a small trickle of water to enter the system, which then freezes within the pipe. This will eventually cause the pipe to freeze and result in a frozen sewer or septic system.
  • If there is an uncapped, open or broken riser or inspection pipes and manhole covers can allow cold air to enter the sewer system, and this can also cause the system to freeze.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Does Sewer Lining Work?

Sewer lining in Crystal is a way to repair busted sewer pipes without the need to dig up your property. It’s also a less expensive option in the long run – with trenchless sewer repairs, you don’t have to worry about having your landscaping redone or your yard resodded. So how does sewer lining work anyway?

Sewer lining is also known as Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) or epoxy lining. You still get the same strength as a new pipe but without the hassle and expense of digging. 

In general, the first thing we do when we take on a sewer lining job is insert a camera into the broken pipe and inspect it. We will see what the problem is and make sure there aren’t more problems than meets the eye. We will then make sure the pipe is cleaned using a high pressure water jetter and other special tools. This way, all of the leaves, mud and other debris are cleared out of the pipe before we insert the new liner.

After that, we mix up the resin needed for the inside of the sewer lining. The resin is then poured into the liner and we put it into a special machine to make sure the resin is evenly applied into the liner. It is then placed into a special tank and attached to the existing pipe. Using forced air, we insert the sewer lining into the pipe.

When the sewer lining is in there, we insert a bladder into it. Then we put hot water into the bladder and that cures the resin so the sewer lining fits tightly up against the old pipe. We then inspect the sewer lining with the camera again to make sure it is in the proper place.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Avoid Costly Sewer Repair

One of the worst problems a homeowner can face is a backed up sewer line or drain. It’s messy and smelly, and sometimes it can result in the need for costly sewer repair. We are Robbinsdale sewer repair specialists, and we have some suggestions on what to do and what not to do to help prevent sewer problems.

You should always collect grease from your kitchen in a separate glass container. Never throw it down your sink drain or down a toilet. Even a small amount of grease can cause those drains to back up. You should also always use a back-flow prevention device. This will help keep the water moving in the correct direction.

If you want to give your drains a good cleaning to help prevent expensive sewer repair, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain and then a cup of white vinegar right after. After that, pour a cup of boiling water in the drain to wash it all down.

Make sure no one flushes anything down the toilet other than waste and toilet paper. Even personal hygiene items should not be flushed. Too much of this and you might need to look into sewer repair.

After you are done painting or using another type of harsh chemical (like car oil), the chemical should be properly disposed of. Never pour any of it down a sewer or other drain like that. And if you are doing some landscaping, make sure you don’t plant any trees near the sewer lines. Tree roots naturally seek any water source they can find. And if they decide to use your sewer as their water source, that could crack or break the pipes leading to it. And that just results in even more sewer repair.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

What to Do with a Clogged Drain

When you think you have a problem with your water and sewer systems, it can be a huge source of stress. There are few things worse than not being able to flush a toilet or use a shower because the entire system is backed up. We repair water and sewer systems in Crystal, so we have a few suggestions on how to tell and what to do if your water and sewer systems are backed up. Some of these repairs are simple enough that the average person can take care of them. But for bigger issues, you are going to want to contact the experts here at Gene’s Water & Sewer.

The biggest sign that there is a problem is if more than one drain is clogged in your home or if you need to unclog the drains more often than usual. In order to unclog the main drain of your sewer pipe, you first have to find it. Usually it’s in your basement or lower level, or it is outside between the outer wall of your home and your septic tank or city sewer line.

You can use a plumber’s snake to unclog the drain to get your water and sewer systems back up and running. Insert it into the sewer pipe and start turning the hand crank to bore into the pipe and through the clog. You can also use a sewer jetter nozzle on a power washer. These will generally clear out the clog pretty quickly. Just be sure to wear some eye protection and rubber gloves.

Of course, for bigger repairs or if you are not sure of how to properly use a snake or sewer jetter nozzle, you will want to call in the experts like us. 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Basement Floods: Causes and Prevention

One of the biggest nightmares a homeowner can face is a flooded basement. It is a huge hassle that usually involves calling your local fire department, making sure the water gets drained out of your basement properly and then drying out your basement and everything that was in it. So what can you do to try to avoid a flooded basement? We are a Brooklyn Park sewer repair company, and we have a few suggestions for you.

Check Your Floor and Wall Sealing
Make sure the sealant on the interior of your basement is still in good shape, or hire someone to come out and take a look. Storms, a lawn irrigation system that is watering too frequently and other issues like that can easily cause basement flooding with practically no warning to you.

Check Your Drains
Are your drains clogged? Are they draining properly? Do you hear a gurgling sound in your toilet sometimes? These are all good questions to ask yourself. If you notice your drains are not draining as well as they used to, it is time to figure out what the problem is. Call a sewer repair company like ours. We can come out and perform the necessary sewer repair services to help ensure your drains are working properly and will not back up and flood your basement.

Check Your Pipes
Are your home’s pipes old and rusty? Do they need a little TLC? Even the smallest drip in your basement could signal that the pipes need to be looked at to figure out if they need to be repaired or even replaced.

Remember the old cliché: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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