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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Preventing Sewer System Repairs in Roseville MN this Spring

It's just about a month from the start of spring. Soon all of you who love to plant will be back out there getting your hands dirty. If you're planning on planting trees or large shrubs this spring, we have some advice. It's easy to accidentally plant a tree too close to your sewer lines, thus creating problems for you in the future. If you're a resident of Roseville MN, sewer system repair can sometimes be thwarted with a little planning.

Find the Layout of Your Sewer System
It's important to find out where your sewer system and sewer lines are before you plant anything with long roots. It is possible for the roots to grow right through your sewer system and break it. Though it may not be a problem for many years, it's something you can prevent if you do a little bit of research. Your city's sewer department will have an infrastructure map for you to refer to if you don't know where your sewer lines are already.

Plant Around Your Sewer System
Once you find out where your sewer system is and where your sewer lines run on your Roseville MN property, be sure to plan your tree or plant at least 10 feet away. Growing root systems crave water. Not only do you sewer lines provide that, but also nutrients and oxygen that any plant needs. By using a little caution now, you can save yourself the hassle of sewer system repairs in the future.

Sewer System Repairs
If you made a mistake, or moved onto a Roseville MN property who's previous owners weren't very careful, sewer system repairs are inevitable. That's where we come in. We can get your system back in working order in no time. We have a variety of repair techniques, that will leave your yard intact.

If you are in need of sewer system repairs in Roseville MN, contact us today by calling 612-781-3737 or Contact us Online.

Monday, February 3, 2014

St Paul Trenchless Sewer Replacement: What You Need to Know

Gene's Water & Sewer, one of the best at St Paul trenchless sewer replacement, has some insight into this kind of sewer repair. We've been in business since 1977, so we've seen a lot of sewer replacement trends come and go. But we think trenchless sewer replacement is here to stay, and here's why.
The best part about trenchless sewer replacement in St Paul is that this technology truly means no dig. When we're doing sewer replacements at St Paul homes, one of the most frequent concerns we hear from homeowners is they are worried about how much of their yard and landscaping will suffer when we have to dig. But with trenchless sewer replacement, a hardened steel splitting head is pulled through the old pipe. The new pipe, attached to the head, is pulled through the old pipe, following the path of the old one and laying in its rubble. We can essentially replace the old pipe by using the new pipe. So there is no need for costly excavations that will interfere with the homeowner's landscaping and daily life. Another perk is that there will be no structural damage to your St Paul home when you get trenchless sewer replacement done.
And sometimes, trenchless sewer replacement is more cost-effective than any other way. So homeowners love it because it also means they save some money. Plus these new pipes are guaranteed not to leak, so worrying about sewer leaks is a thing of the past.
When you are ready for more information about trenchless sewer replacement for your St Paul home, just give Gene's Water & Sewer a call at (612) 781-3737 today. Or feel free to contact us online to get a free estimate. One of our knowledgeable staff members will be in touch with you to discuss your trenchless sewer replacement needs.