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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do You Need Sewer Repair?

One of the biggest hassles a homeowner can face is a broken sewer pipe. It can make a huge mess (not to mention the smell!), plus it can be a large expense. So what are some signs you need sewer repair in St Louis Park? Here a few things to watch out for, plus a rundown of what to do when you think you need help with your sewer pipes.

First, how do you determine that a sewer pipe has burst? If you have noticed an unpleasant odor, either inside or outside of your home, this is a good sign that something is wrong and you need sewer repair. Try to find the source of the odor if you can. 

Also, water pooling in your yard is another sign that something is wrong, especially if it hasn’t rained in awhile. If there is a burst pipe underground, the water will collect on the ground above it. And if your home’s water is rusty or discolored, you should definitely call a sewer repair company.

If your toilet is clogging up easily or it isn’t draining as quickly as usual (and plunging it doesn’t work), this is another indication that sewer repair might be in your near future. The mainline could be clogged, and that is something only professional sewer repair companies can fix. This is definitely not a do-it-yourself project!

And sewer repair is also a good idea when you are buying or selling a home or building on an existing property.

So what do you do when you find out you need sewer repair services? You want to be sure you call a trustworthy and reliable sewer repair company like Gene’s Water & Sewer. The company should be licensed, bonded and insured like we are.

For more information on sewer repair in St Louis Park, call Gene’s Water & Sewer at 612-781-3737 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

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