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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Winterizing Your Septic System

If you own a summer house or cabin, now is the time to start thinking about winterizing the sewer system if you don’t plan to regularly use it this winter. If you do not winterize it, you could end up with a stinky mess next spring that could require a lot of time, money and hassle to fix. We can help with sewer replacement in Robbinsdale and the surrounding areas, but we would obviously prefer to help you avoid the expense and hassle associated with this if we can! So here are a few ways you can keep your sewer system in good shape this winter, especially if you will not be using it for a few months.

It might seem logical to put antifreeze in your summer home’s pipes and plumbing system, but this is a really bad idea and could lead to the need for sewer replacement. Instead, drain out all of the house’s water supplies. First, shut off the main water supply where it enters the house. Make sure the pump is drained by turning it on and letting it run for a couple of seconds to ensure all of the water is out.

Turn on all of the faucets in the home and leave them on, and then completely drain the pressure tank. Flush all of the toilets too. You can use an RV antifreeze in the tanks, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended dilution level.

After making sure all of the other pipes and hoses are fully drained, you should then turn off the water pump’s electrical source to ensure no water inadvertently enters the system while the cabin is not in use.

If you know you definitely will not be using your cabin or summer home until next spring, now is a good time to have the septic tank pumped. If the cabin is in an area that is known to have below freezing temperatures during the winter, then the sewage that is left in the system could freeze, and that could lead to expensive sewer repair or sewer replacement.

A clean and empty sewer tank is a better way of starting off your spring and summer vacation seasons.

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