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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trenchless Sewer Repair: Why It’s Better for Maple Grove Homes

Nothing can aggravate a Maple Grove homeowner like having to replace or repair their home’s sewer system. Luckily, a new way of doing repairs has made the process much easier on homes and yards. You’ve probably heard about trenchless sewer repairs, but may not know why they are beloved by many. Here’s an overview on trenchless sewer repairs in Maple Grove MN.

Why trenchless sewer repairs?
There are three basic reasons you should consider trenchless over traditional Maple Grove sewer repairs:
1.       Trenchless sewer repairs do not cause the destruction of your landscape.
2.       You’ll see substantial cost savings with trenchless repairs as compared to traditional repairs.
3.       Trenchless repairs restore the system’s structural integrity, prevent the intrusion of roots and increase your system’s flow capacity.

How do trenchless sewer repairs work?
The traditional way of repairing or replacing a sewer pipe is to excavate the area, take out the broken piece, replace it and fill the area back in. Then, you’re left to rebuild your landscape.

Trenchless sewer repairs, on the other hand, are all done under the ground. First, your lines will be evaluated with underground cameras. We’ll then clear the lines and pull the liner into place. Finally, you’re left with a pipe within a pipe that is smooth and seamless.

How is this new pipe better than a metal or PVC pipe?
The biggest advantage to the new pipe is that it’s jointless, so roots will be unable to physically get through it. Also, calcification can no longer occur as deposits will be unable to stick to the new pipe’s inner walls. The best part, though, is that all of the work is done above ground, so your landscape and other areas aren’t impacted by the need for sewer repairs.

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