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Friday, May 24, 2013

Benefits of Sewer Lining Repair in Plymouth MN

Sewer lining has revolutionized the way that we repair sewer lines. This advanced technology has removed the need to do serious digging on both commercial and residential properties. For those living in Plymouth, sewer lining repair is now quicker and simpler than ever before. At Gene's Water & Sewer, we understand what a hassle it can be to have your sewer lines look at and repaired, but it doesn't have to be that way anymore! In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using sewer lining as a repair tactic.

Time-Efficient Repair
Utilizing this new, updated form of sewer lining repair, is much less time prohibitive than older methods. There is no longer a need to dig up the yard and physically handle the sewer lines to repair them. It only takes a few hours to repair damage to your sewer lines, using this method. We have equipment that pushes the liner through the existing pipe, which then fuses to the old pipe. This creates a new seal on the pipe and repairs any damage. For the residents of Plymouth, sewer lining repair is perfect solution to those experiencing sewer line issues.

Lasting Results
Sewer lining is an extremely durable and long-lasting solution. Not only will your sewer line repairs be complete, but they will last you for many years. We are confident this type of repair will work for your system. Call us, your local Plymouth sewer lining repair experts, to get working on your sewer lines today.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Controlling Tree Roots in Plymouth Sewer Lines

There are few things that Plymouth MN homeowners fear like tree roots in their sewer line. It places the homeowner in a difficult predicament: if left untreated, the problem can continue to get worse. Treating this problem, however, can force a homeowner to seek out costly repairs and replacements. So, what do you do?

If tree roots have invaded your sewer lines, then you have no choice but to seek out a Plymouth MN sewer repair company. However, if you’re looking to prevent tree roots from invading your sewer lines, then one of the best ways to do so is with copper sulfate.

What’s copper sulfate?
It’s an inexpensive compound that can be found at most garden centers and drug stores. When used properly, it can result in spectacular control of root growth.

How do I use it?
The best way to utilize copper sulfate to offset the need for a Plymouth sewer repair company is to place about 1/2 cup (in small doses) into the toilet bowl and flush the toilet a few times to make sure the compound flows through the sewer. Never pour it down a sink or shower, as it can harm your home’s plumbing. It’s recommended by many manufacturers to leave your home for the day after treatment.

Does copper sulfate harm the tree?
No. It does not harm the tree or plant that is causing the problems. It does destroy organisms that are growing around the pipe, which helps to lessen intrusions into your sewer systems, but it does not attempt to harm the tree or plant.

What’s the benefit?
A 15 lbs. bag of copper sulfate can cost an average of $15. Replacing sewer lines can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, you’ll save greatly by preventing the spread of tree roots and not needing a Plymouth sewer repair company.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Edina Sewer Repair: 4 Signs of Failing Pipes

There are three words which can send a shudder up the spine of any homeowner: “sewer line repair.” It’s often expensive, and homeowners are often responsible for the sewer line that runs from the street to the house. Sewer pipes in the street can often be impacted by tree roots, built-up gunk and disintegration. However, you can avoid the heartache – and financial impact – caused by Edina sewer repairs by spotting early indications of failing sewer pipes:

Slow draining tubs, sinks and showers
It can be a pain to deal with sinks, tubs and showers that drain at a slow rate. While you may want to react to the problem by pouring Drano or another liquid clog remover down the drain, this is not a good solution when dealing with older pipes, as they can be eaten away by these harsh products. Plus, a slow drain is the first sign of sewer pipe issues. Get in touch with an Edina sewer repair expert as soon as possible to take a look at the issue.

Strange sounds and smells
Another sign of needing Edina sewer repair is smells and sounds that are strange, unusual or strong. If your toilet is gurgling or a sewage sinkhole shows up in your yard, get in touch with an Edina sewer repair professional.

Water damage at the foundation level
If you’re seeing extra moisture leaking through to your home’s foundation, this could be a sign of sewer damage. Call our Edina sewer repair experts when you notice cracking around your home’s foundation or moisture on your basement walls.

Basement drain staining
Another indication of needing Edina sewer repair experts is staining around basement drains. When you notice this, please get in touch with Gene’s Water & Sewer by calling us at 612-781-3737 or Request a Free Sewer Repair Estimate.