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Monday, October 20, 2014

What to Do with a Clogged Drain

When you think you have a problem with your water and sewer systems, it can be a huge source of stress. There are few things worse than not being able to flush a toilet or use a shower because the entire system is backed up. We repair water and sewer systems in Crystal, so we have a few suggestions on how to tell and what to do if your water and sewer systems are backed up. Some of these repairs are simple enough that the average person can take care of them. But for bigger issues, you are going to want to contact the experts here at Gene’s Water & Sewer.

The biggest sign that there is a problem is if more than one drain is clogged in your home or if you need to unclog the drains more often than usual. In order to unclog the main drain of your sewer pipe, you first have to find it. Usually it’s in your basement or lower level, or it is outside between the outer wall of your home and your septic tank or city sewer line.

You can use a plumber’s snake to unclog the drain to get your water and sewer systems back up and running. Insert it into the sewer pipe and start turning the hand crank to bore into the pipe and through the clog. You can also use a sewer jetter nozzle on a power washer. These will generally clear out the clog pretty quickly. Just be sure to wear some eye protection and rubber gloves.

Of course, for bigger repairs or if you are not sure of how to properly use a snake or sewer jetter nozzle, you will want to call in the experts like us. 

If you have clogged water and sewer systems in Crystal, call Gene’s Water & Sewer at 612-781-3737 or get a Free Estimate.

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