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Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Does Sewer Lining Work?

Sewer lining in Crystal is a way to repair busted sewer pipes without the need to dig up your property. It’s also a less expensive option in the long run – with trenchless sewer repairs, you don’t have to worry about having your landscaping redone or your yard resodded. So how does sewer lining work anyway?

Sewer lining is also known as Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) or epoxy lining. You still get the same strength as a new pipe but without the hassle and expense of digging. 

In general, the first thing we do when we take on a sewer lining job is insert a camera into the broken pipe and inspect it. We will see what the problem is and make sure there aren’t more problems than meets the eye. We will then make sure the pipe is cleaned using a high pressure water jetter and other special tools. This way, all of the leaves, mud and other debris are cleared out of the pipe before we insert the new liner.

After that, we mix up the resin needed for the inside of the sewer lining. The resin is then poured into the liner and we put it into a special machine to make sure the resin is evenly applied into the liner. It is then placed into a special tank and attached to the existing pipe. Using forced air, we insert the sewer lining into the pipe.

When the sewer lining is in there, we insert a bladder into it. Then we put hot water into the bladder and that cures the resin so the sewer lining fits tightly up against the old pipe. We then inspect the sewer lining with the camera again to make sure it is in the proper place.

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