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Monday, December 8, 2014

What Causes Sewers to Freeze?

Because it’s the winter time, sewers and septic systems are at a high risk of freezing. We install sewer lining in Plymouth, and we are often asked what homeowners can do to prevent a frozen sewer. Here are a few common reasons that a sewer system might freeze and what you can do to prevent this problem.

  • Can you believe that a lack of snow cover can cause a sewer and septic system to freeze? Snow is an excellent insulator if it is not compacted. A lack of snow lets frost go deeper into the ground, and this could cause your system to freeze.
  • Compacted soil is also another culprit. Areas like driveways, livestock enclosures and paths tend to freeze deeper than other areas. This could also affect your sewer and septic system.
  • If you just had a new sewer or septic system installed, a lack of plant cover could also cause it to freeze. Plants are also great insulators, so if vegetation did not have a chance to grow over your new system, this could be another reason the system freezes.
  • If the sewer or septic system freezes at your vacation home or hunting lodge, this could be because the system is not being used on a regular basis. There is an insufficient amount of sewage in the pipes, and this means the proper temperatures are not being achieved.
  • Homes that only have one or two occupants also are at a greater risk of having a frozen sewer or septic system. This is because there is only a small volume of the designed flow of the system that is being used and it might not be enough to keep the system from freezing.
  • Check your home’s pipes. If there are any that are leaking, or if your furnace is dripping, this could also lead to a frozen sewer. This is because the leak can cause a small trickle of water to enter the system, which then freezes within the pipe. This will eventually cause the pipe to freeze and result in a frozen sewer or septic system.
  • If there is an uncapped, open or broken riser or inspection pipes and manhole covers can allow cold air to enter the sewer system, and this can also cause the system to freeze.

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