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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sewer Backups and Backflows

Sewers systems are not perfect. Problems with a sewer system can result in health hazards for the whole family. There are different degrees of sewer problems, and different ways to deal with them. Regardless of the type of problem, it should be addressed as soon as possible.

Slow moving drains and clogged pipes can be the result of a home plumbing backup. Backups are more inconvenient than anything, and typically do not cause any lasting damage. Backups can typically be taken care of with a plunger or commercial drain cleaning products. Some backups are more severe and may require a professional to assist in the repairs. Backups may occasionally require the drains to be snaked, and most professionals are equipped with the tools to do this type of repair.

The real problem with sewers is a backflow. Wastewater can come up through bathtubs or sinks or toilets even when the plumbing is not actively being used. This is usually indicative of a blockage in the main lines. Backups cannot be fixed by the do-it-yourselfer and require immediate attention by a professional. People and animals should be kept away from any backflow material as backflows can lead to flooding of rooms and introduce harmful waste bacteria to families.

Contacting a professional to take care of a backflow problem is a must. The chosen company should have years of experience in these problems so proper cleanup and repair can be assured. This company should also be prepared to replace the main plumbing lines if the damage is severe. Keeping the family safe from bacteria and problems should be priority one in these types of disasters. Having a company that can be trusted to complete the job quickly and properly is a necessity.

For more information and guidance about home plumbing and sewer repair issues visit http://www.geneswaterandsewer.com. Gene's Water and Sewer specializes in non-invasive sewer and pipe repairs, and there are some very explanatory videos on their website.

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