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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sewer Questions - Ask The Expert at Gene’s Water & Sewer

Have questions about water and sewer repairs? Unsure what’s causing your water and sewer issues? If you have questions, you need to Ask the Expert at Gene’s Water & Sewer.

We were asked, “What could be causing waste water flow to be slowed or stopped ("sewage back-up")?”

The answer is that this issue is caused most often by a clogged, broken or displaced sewer pipe between the building and the main. To repair, Gene's Water & Sewer will most often suggest an attempt at cleaning followed by a video camera inspection which will identify the cause and help select the best repair option. Once we have the results of our inspection, we will do a cost/benefit analysis and review the results with you before beginning work. The cost of the video inspection will be applied to the repair if we do the work.

We are well experienced in all things water and sewer, and want to work for you. Call us today at 612.781.3737 or visit www.GenesWaterAndSewer.com now.  

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