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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Septic Systems: Problems Explained

You’ve just woken up, cleared your sleepy eyes and are heading to the shower when you see waste from your septic system has overflowed. It’s not a problem you need, but you’ll need to address it as quickly as possible before what could be a minor problem turns into a major one.

Clogs are the most common problem septic systems have. You might assume the worst about your septic tank, but don’t worry until you have cause to. First, try running a plumber’s snake down what you think is the clogged line. If only one fixture, like a sink or toilet, is backed up and everything is in working order, then it’s only that fixture line and not your main one.

If you’ve try unclogging every line and are still backed up, you’ll want to call a septic system repair company and have them dig up the tanks to expose the lids. You should never do this yourself as septic systems contain hazardous gases and materials. The contractor should see if the liquid levels are at or above the inlet level. If the former, it’s probably just an upstream obstruction. If it’s above, the clog is either at the tank’s outlet or the leaching system has failed.

Failed leaching
This may be only temporary. If your home recently hosted more persons than usual, then the leaching system might be overwhelmed. You still might be close to a total leaching system failure. This is a normal event, even with the best maintenance and care. If this is the case, you’ll need to expand the leaching.

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