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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Septic Systems FAQs

Here are some more of the septic systems questions Gene’s Water and Sewer gets:

How does a septic system work?
The system contains a holding tank where natural bacterial action disintegrates human waste into environmentally acceptable components.

Do I have to use a certain kind of toilet paper?
No. Most toilet papers break down quickly and easily. Tissues, however, don’t easily break down and shouldn’t be flushed into the toilet.

How do I know if my system needs repaired?
Your septic system will give off clues, like muddy soil or pools of wastewater around the tanks; or sewage smells around the tank or inside the house. Contact a septic system contractor right away.

Do I really need to take care of my system?
You should if you don’t want smells or to spend a lot of money. Pumping your system costs on average $150 to $200. A new system can cost up to $40,000.

How do I find out my tank’s capacity?
Check with your local Environmental Health Office to see if they have your system’s inspection report from when your system was installed, and this should state your tank’s capacity.

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