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Monday, May 7, 2012

How Does Sewer Lining Work?

The process of sewer lining can help fix a pipe without the need for excessive digging. Instead of replacing a pipe with another pipe, your existing pipe housing is used and a "thread" soaked in resin is inserted into your pipe using a probe. When the probe is pulled out and the sewer lining thread is left intact, the thread hardens and becomes a sort of "pipe within a pipe." Your pipe once again will function normally, and you'll see the benefits of a pipe repair without the mess of a full pipe replacement.

Gene's Water & Sewer has been serving the Twin Cities metro for over 35 years, performing trenchless sewer repairs using sewer lining methods and technologies. Contact us today at (612) 781-3737, or complete our free sewer lining estimate form online.

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