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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewer Repair Can Take Many Forms

Sewer repair is never thought of until it is urgently needed. The sewer system serving your home is probably thought about less than any other utility. This is probably because it is completely out of sight except for where waste water is initially drained. But if it stops working, it can be more inconvenient than a power outage.

Newer homes with PVC drains may last for a hundred years without any serious problems. However, homes that are more than thirty years old may have sewer pipes that are made of clay. These only have an expected life of fifty to sixty years or less, but in some cases they do last longer.

There are quite a few things that can cause problems with sewer lines. The most common and easiest to fix are simple clogs from built up grease on the pipe, or foreign objects that catch on seams or in bends in the line. This type of problem can often be corrected with a plumber’s snake.

More serious problems include blockage from tree root intrusion into the pipes. Tree roots can find their way into the smallest leaks in their quest to find water. Tree roots can be eliminated with a power router that cuts them off inside the pipe. This sewer repair will fix the immediate problem, but if nothing further is done, they will grow back again.

The worst problems occur when there is actual damage to the pipes. Older pipes that have deteriorated may collapse, or shifting of the earth may shear or bend the pipe. When there is serious pipe damage, your sewer repair will likely involve digging a trench to replace the damaged pipe.

In between the easy fix with the plumber’s snake, and digging a trench to completely replace a sewer line, is the process of installing a sewer lining. This Maple Grove sewer repair is often the most economical, and it can add 30 to 50 years to the life of the sewer line.

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