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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Trenchless Sewer: Is This the Answer to Your Sewer Replacement Needs?

There are many modern conveniences that most of us cannot fathom living out. From cell phones to electricity and a variety of travel options to indoor plumbing, most of us view these as necessities without which, life can be difficult. Perhaps, one of the easiest overlooked – at least until something happens and it is not working correctly – is indoor plumbing.

Like many things in life, one often does not give much thought to sewer replacement or plumbing needs until there is a problem. And, then not only does the inconvenience of not having it take its toll, but the cost of sewer replacement can be rather expensive! Fortunately, there are now more options in sewer set up that can make sewer replacement issues easier to maintain. One such choice is the trenchless sewer.

Roseville MN trenchless sewer repairs use a fiberglass tube coated with epoxy resin, then inserted into the damaged pipe and blown up like a balloon; within just a few hours, the epoxy hardens and forms a pipe within the existing pipe. Because this is a less invasive process than traditional sewer repair, many people are opting for this method when it is necessary to have sewer replacement done. But, is trenchless sewer replacement right for you?
  • Trenchless sewers do not damage your yard, nor will your sidewalk, patio or any other lawn elements need to be moved or uprooted.
  • It is safer and quicker to accomplish than traditional sewer replacement methods.
  • Trenchless sewer replacement can be done in any geographic location.
  • Should it be necessary to revisit a trenchless sewer system for a repair, it is easily accomplished and there is minimal- if any- damage to the yard. In fact, the sewer replacement company is better able to check the lines and determine where the problem is, saving time and money.
  • Pipe rehabilitation can save on your water, electrical and gas lines because it does not need to be turned off or re-installed due to digging a new drain line.
  • Any future repairs are easily made via the two small access points at either end of the pipeline, meaning that it is not necessary to uncover the entire system.
  • When done correctly and then maintained properly, a trenchless sewer can last up to 50 years!

Sewer replacement is not something that most homeowners want to think about, but unfortunately, it is something that must be dealt with on occasion.

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