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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Twin Cities Sewer Repair Process

Have you begun to notice your sewer lines failing and you're not sure why? Gene's Water and Sewer can help! Our team of Twin Cities sewer repair experts can diagnose and repair your sewer lines to get them flowing again like normal. In this blog, we explore the sewer line repair process from that first phone call through completion.

Site Visit
It is usually difficult to diagnose the issue causing a sewer line failure over the phone. It will be necessary for our team of Twin Cities sewer repair experts to visit the site of the malfunction and perform an inspection. We can schedule a visit that is most convenient for you to perform a diagnosis of your sewer lines.

Once we are at your site, we will be able to provide a thorough analysis of your system. Our team can tell if your sewer pipes are clogged or broken. At that point, we will provide you with our recommendation for making the necessary sewer repairs. We can also give you a free estimate for what the repairs will cost you.

At the end of it all, we finally get our hands dirty and repair your system. We can do this a number of ways, depending on the type of repairs that are necessary. We can perform a traditional repair that requires digging or a more modern type of repair. We offer semi-trenchless and trenchless sewer repair as well, which does not require much digging.

To have our team of Twin Cities sewer repair experts look at your lines, call us today at 612-781-3737 or Request a Free Estimate.

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