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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Preventable Sewer Pipe Repair

We make sewer pipe repairs every day that could have been prevented. There are some simple things you can do to keep your sewer lines working at maximum efficiently throughout the years. If you live in the Twin Cities, sewer pipe repair is inevitable, but there is some of it that can be prevented. In this blog, we're going to cover just a few of those things.

Tree Roots
Tree roots growing into sewer lines are a common reason for sewer repair. When a tree root grows into your lines, it not only causes a leak, but also causes a blockage. This can cause a backup into your home or lawn. If you're planting a tree, be sure to take into consideration where your sewer lines are. Don't plant a tree too close. If you are concerned about a current tree in your yard interfering with your sewer line, call us today.

Flushed Objects
Another common reason for sewer repairs is flushed items causing a blockage. You don't only have to worry about one large object being flushed, but also a buildup of smaller objects that can eventually cause a complete blockage. If your sewer pipes are old and corroded, you may be dealing with a break in your sewer pipes. Try your best to monitor what you and your family are flushing.

No Maintenance
If you don't keep up with proper maintenance, your sewer pipes may deteriorate quicker than necessary. If your sewer pipes are old, you may need to have them inspected and relined before an emergency occurs. If you're not sure about the current condition of your lines, have us come take a look. We can provide you with an analysis and recommendations for proper repairs.

Are you in need of sewer pipe repair in the Twin Cities? Give us a call today at 612-781-3737 or request an estimate online.

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