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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Benefits of Sewer Lining

Replacing a sewer line is something no homeowner wants. However, there often comes a time, especially for older homes, when the sewer pipes need to be fixed or replaced. There are several options for doing this, but one we’d like to discuss today is sewer lining. Minnetonka residents can benefit from this type of sewer repair. We will cover some of the reasons why this method may be the best option for your sewer system.

No Trenches
Sewer lining allows us to fix the pipes without needing to dig huge trenches in your yard. That’s why this method is also referred to as trenchless repair. With sewer lining, a resin-based liner is pulled through the existing pipe and inflated. Once inflated, it will adhere to the old pipe and any cracks or holes will be fixed, without needing to tear up your yard. This is the only true “no dig” technology for sewer repair.

Less Cost
With sewer lining, you will save on costs associated with labor, since it takes less time and man power to run the liner through the pipe than to dig everything up and replace the pipe. You also save in cost and aggravation of fixing up your yard. There will be no piles of excavated dirt, no torn up landscape, no concrete foundation or asphalt driveways to fix, and no grass to replant.

Less Time
Sewer lining takes less time than a traditional repair that requires trenches and new pipes to be installed. Normally, is takes less than a day’s time for our crew to complete the entire process. This means you as the customer have less time without the use of your sewer as well.

Increased Flow
Once the sewer lining is installed, it actually creates a seamless pipe within a pipe. This eliminates the possibility of future root intrusion and it actually increases the flow capacity since the lining is smoother than the old clay, cast iron or concrete pipe. In addition, calcification deposits will not adhere to the lining, thus eliminating the cause for a future blockage.

Same Strength
The finished product of pipes with sewer lining will be as strong as new pipes. The resin formulas used for the lining are made to withstand every corrosive environment, as well as the test of time.

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